Our Home’s 15 Year Anniversary: “So Close To Amazing”

So Close To Amazing Book

I have had the privilege of being on the launch team of KariAnne Wood’s first book, “So Close To Amazing”. KariAnne has been a Decor/DIY blogger at Thistlewood Farm for many years and has finally had the wonderful opportunity to write a book about her family’s journey from a Texas suburban lifestyle to a rural, small town Kentucky life, complete with the remodel of a 100 year old farmhouse!

“So Close To Amazing” comes out this September, but KariAnne is offering some really fun bonuses for those who pre-order the book! You can find out the details on her FB page here, https://www.facebook.com/thistlewoodfarm/posts/1487281601307276. Check it out!

I have so enjoyed my sneak-peak read of the book. KariAnne is sweet, funny and kind and I’ve loved hearing about all the remodeling and rehabbing of their old farmhouse, along with her curbside finds and junk-overs. She is my kinda girl.

And coincidentally, we have lived in our Fake Farmhouse 15 years tomorrow! So I thought it would be fun to take a trip back to that sweltering, hot day that culminated in a bucket-dumping rainfall, to remember what our house looked like when we moved in!

1960"s style kitchen

Despite it’s 100 year old roots, our house was stuck in it’s 1960’s outfit, complete with orange colored cabinets, harvest gold appliances and linoleum, and a dishwasher I had to hook up to the sink faucet! It was straight out of the movie, “The Help”. It even had peel and stick bricks for a backsplash.

One friend sadly commented they thought we should light a match, but being the eternal lover of everything with “Potential”, I could see the possibilities for this old house that sat on a 2 1/2 acre park-like piece of property.

1960's style kitchen

With three active kiddos 5 and under, we were excited for the big yard to play in. And the 9 foot expanses of windows in the kitchen and the living room with views of lush green were pretty appealing to this former city girl.

1960's style decor

But oh, was this house stuck in the 1060’s! Every room was dark, even the exterior was gold and brown! We were definitely going to need a lot of buckets of paint to brighten things up, and that was only the beginning!


The wraparound, covered porch was also one of those endearing “potential” assets this house had, along with the big driveway with the slight slope…perfect for big wheels and bikes. This was definitely going to be our family-raising house!

Ugly bathroom

That first week, we pulled up disgusting carpet and ripped down this bathroom aztec wallpaper, because my eyes honestly couldn’t bear it. I also painted over the dark green in this bathroom, but sadly I must admit I’m still looking at the gold-colored wall tile:( This upstairs bathroom is next on the to-do list, because we’re getting down to the last items on our very long list!

Because after 15 years of remodeling and redecorating, I have to admit this old Fake Farmhouse is finally becoming “So Close To Amazing”. Which we knew it would be with a “little” work!

The next couple of days I’ll show you some of the projects that we accomplished over the years. Kind of like a family flashback…”this is your life” kind of week, I guess!

And make sure to check out Kari Anne Wood’s “So Close To Amazing”. True inspiration and encouragement for the soul!

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Sharing at a “So Close To Amazing” Link up Party! Check out all the stories about this funny, sweet book at Nourish and Nestle’s blog post, {Here}.


10 thoughts on “Our Home’s 15 Year Anniversary: “So Close To Amazing”

  1. I don’t know why everyone knocks old decor. It was put in at a different time when colors and styles were what they were. In 15 years, I don’t THINK I would want to remodel my kitchen, but I probably will. There will be different products, colors and desires. Just like there was 15 years ago and 15 years before that, ad nauseum. Products differ and our tastes differ from years ago. Let’s not ding the past, because it was what it was. We could ding our neighbor’s/friend’s/family member’s choice of decor if they changed it in the past couple of years, but nice people don’t do that to each other. So, let’s not say bad things about past decor challenges. Let’s say our tastes have changed and new products are much more in line with what we want now. Enjoy the process.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re right, Fonda, fashion & home decorating styles are always changing! I’m usually so slow to embrace the new trends because I like classics (& vintage). Maybe it’s best to just add a few “in style” items every once in awhile, kind of like we do with our wardrobes. I think a mix of different eras and styles keeps it all looking fresh & creates a more personal, unique home.


  2. So much accomplished–and time marches on. Harry and Dorothy had such accomplishments in their duplex too. Everything takes work, but fun and satisfying to see the results !!

    Liked by 1 person

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