5 Tips for Styling Shelves

Spring styled kitchen cupboard

Big banks of shelves can be rather intimidating to style. Whether they’re an expanse of shelves on either side of your fireplace, or glass and open shelves in a kitchen, the enormity of all that space can be overwhelming. I want to give you some tips that will help you beautifully accessorize the shelves in your home.

Most important tip:

Treat the whole scene as one, while still displaying mini-themes on each shelf.

Once you’ve got the mindset of displaying the whole scene as one, here are 5 tips to consider as you fill them with all your pretties:

(Yes, it looks busy when the doors are open, but when the doors are closed it’s a happy collage of spring!)

Kitchen cupboard with styling tips.

I place my large items on the shelves first, balancing the weight from side to side, top to bottom. The four corners need to each have a larger item to anchor the whole scene.

Then I make sure my balance of textures is balanced throughout. For this season, I use quite a bit of pretty glassware from pitchers to stacks of plates to whimsical animals tucked in here and there.

kitchen cupboard with glassware

Color is another consideration to be balanced throughout. Spring is all about spreading sunshine, and I make sure I’ve got pops of yellow here, there, and everywhere in the display.

pops of yellow throughout the display create sunshine

Each shelf can have it’s own theme as you’re styling the whole scene as one, though. For spring, I love birds, gardens, and Easter elements. I’ll show you some close-ups later…

kitchen cupboard shelves each with their own theme

And the last, but definitely not least tip, is to add texture through foliage. In the springtime I use plenty of green from placing a square of grass on each shelf, to topiary trees and springtime flowers tucked in. I also use bark, wood, and sticks and wicker for more natural texture.

foliage tucked throughout kitchen cupboards

Styling a big bank of shelves doesn’t have to be overwhelming when you treat it as a whole and think about each of these tips as another layer. Just take it slow and keep adding and rearranging as you go. Balance is the integral factor behind it all. Balance size, textures, colors.

Have fun with the pretty things you love! It will put a smile on your face and communicate hospitality to all who enter!

And because you’re probably sick of seeing that same pic so many times, here are some close-ups of each shelf. Each shelf is really a study in balance itself, but the shelves need to be harmonized to the whole also.

Birdhouse and bird on spring shelf

antique german cuck-coo clock with bird items

veggie garden vignette

Easter bunny display

Oval platters displayed as Easter Eggs

Little duck, mushrooms and flowers all create a springtime scene.

Hope you’re inspired to style your shelves! If you want to learn some more styling tips on adding an accent color or considering shape with your accessories, read my posts {Here} and {Here}.

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5 Tips to style shelves.

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