Squirrelling Away


I got so mad the other day.

Squirrels are burying their treasures in my new garden!

Maybe it’s because the garden is at the base of a pine tree they like to play on. Maybe they like the soft, freshly tilled soil, because it’s easy digging. Maybe they’re attracted to the nice, new layer of wood chips.


Whatever the reason for the attraction, I don’t like it. Yes, they are in survival mode this time of year and want to squirrel away any food they can for the long winter.

But they’re planting what will be weeds to pull next spring! And this is our new garden! We’ve spent┬ámuch┬átime and money on this pretty little island, and I want it to be perfect and pristine for awhile. Not like our other old gardens, where I’m always battling the weeds. Because that’s what you get with an old house…old gardens, with plenty of weed seeds already living there.


While I was stewing, and wondering what I could sprinkle around to prevent these little pests from digging…hot pepper flakes, maybe? And just maybe I suggested to Mr. Freckles he could sit in the bay window and have a great shot with his BBgun…

I realized I could take a lesson from these little pesky guys.

Maybe I should be digging holes in the new garden, to plant bulbs of tulips and daffodils for beautiful spring color!

Instead of wasting so much time and energy complaining and trying to prevent the burying, I should just combat their efforts by burying something with potential for beauty.


It’s also a metaphor for what I’m burying in my heart and mind.

Am I squirrelling away nasty comments, bitter thoughts and negativity, so they can turn into weeds I need to pull later?

Or am I planting potential for beauty? Investing now for a new season, yet to come.



Just taking a lesson from the squirrels today:)

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