“Bread and Wine”, the Book


Bread & Wine, by Shauna Niequist has been my summer read. Sister, who lent it to me, seems to be the one to get me to read anything other than a decorating magazine. Guess she’s promoting my deeper-thinking self, which is definitely working, now that I’m not cranking out furniture pieces, or swimming in junk up to my ears, or returning text messages about everything under the sun.

Shauna’s style of writing is different than any other book I’ve read. Her conversational, transparent way of sharing the stories of her life drew me in. It’s like making a new friend and finding out what makes her tick.


Her premise in the book is that many of her memories center around food: planning it, preparing it, and sharing it with special friends and family. She’s definitely a “foodie”, and I can relate. But her relationship with food is so much more that just the food itself. It’s how she traces the memories of her life; the triggers of relationships she’s shared and emotional experiences. She’ll make you laugh, and bring you to tears.


This lady is just wise. She’s thought through the hard parts of life and shares everything from body image, to infertility, to exercise, to marriage, and many other things through the lens of food. There were many times as I read that I though, “whoa, that’s deep”. Heart issues, mind issues, good thinking issues.


She encourages us to reach out, to welcome people into our homes. I know I’m so guilty of the “but, we don’t have the space…,” or the always-having-a-project-going-on-in-the-middle-of-my-house excuse. Yep, I can march in that guilt parade. Now that I don’t have a store, it should be easier, right? But that addition hasn’t happened yet…


She just hits the nail on the head so many times in this book, but is so encouraging in her “I feel that way too” attitude. Her love for her family and those around her is so apparent, and the food preparation is all interwoven into it all. She also has great recipes, and walks you through how to make them.

In the back of the book, there’s small group questions that she thinks would be fun to do as a cooking club/book club.

If you need a good read for those summer days at the beach, or at the cabin, I’d definitely recommend this one!

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