Wool Blanket Bunting

Less-than-perfect blankets seem to call to me like orphans seeking a home. I find them at church sales (“For the Love and Comfort of Church Sales“), ¬†thrift stores, and alongside the road (“Curbside Junking Adventures and Tips”). It seems a shame to throw away a perfectly beautiful, warm blanket just because it has a couple … More Wool Blanket Bunting

Our Home’s 15 Year Anniversary: “So Close To Amazing”

I have had the privilege of being on the launch team of KariAnne Wood’s first book, “So Close To Amazing”. KariAnne has been a Decor/DIY blogger at Thistlewood Farm for many years and has finally had the wonderful opportunity to write a book about her family’s journey from a Texas suburban lifestyle to a rural, … More Our Home’s 15 Year Anniversary: “So Close To Amazing”

Paint Sprayer vs. Spray Paint

Hot summer days are the perfect time to get a little spray painting done outside. But does your project require some cans of spray paint, or should you purchase or use a paint sprayer? I’ll share how I usually decide what to use today, so you can start planning your next weekend painting project!