Paint Sprayer vs. Spray Paint

Hot summer days are the perfect time to get a little spray painting done outside. But does your project require some cans of spray paint, or should you purchase or use a paint sprayer? I’ll share how I usually decide what to use today, so you can start planning your next weekend painting project!

RIT Dyed Clothespins

An easy summer project to do by yourself or with the kids is to dye wood clothespins with RIT dye. ¬†Over the years, I’ve amassed quite a few in different colors.¬† They’re so easy, fun and useful! I use them for everything from chip bags in the pantry to easy, quick styling around the house.

How To Refresh and Enjoy Vintage Metal Lawn Chairs

Whenever I can score vintage metal lawn chairs, I am downright giddy. I don’t know if it’s because I’m sentimental about having them at my childhood cabin, or if I’m just enamored with their shape and myriad of colors they’ve acquired through the years. Whatever the reason, I want to make sure they look their … More How To Refresh and Enjoy Vintage Metal Lawn Chairs

Refreshing Patio Chairs: Stapled Cushion How-To

These cushions were adorable when I first put this fun geometric pattern on them for Big Boy’s grad party…three years ago! Since all the yard is getting it’s party duds on for Happy Girl’s grad celebration in June, the vintage patio chairs that surround the oval table I showed you in “Two (sewing machine bases) … More Refreshing Patio Chairs: Stapled Cushion How-To