Fabric Pumpkin Harvest Wreath

Ever since I started making fabric pumpkins, they’ve been multiplying on my dining room buffet. {see “Fabric Pumpkin How-To } {also, “My Masterpiece Buffet”}After seeing a variety of pumpkin wreaths as Thanksgiving decor in several stores, I decided I’d create my own version with my trove!

Fabric Pumpkin How-To

Remember when I was cuckoo for sunflowers a month ago? I made a Sunflower Pillow, a Cake Mold Sunflower and styled my Back Entry Bedspring with sunflowers? Well, I think since we just jumped into October, my focus¬† fixation has switched to pumpkins…which is right on schedule, don’t you think?

Wool Blanket Bunting

Less-than-perfect blankets seem to call to me like orphans seeking a home. I find them at church sales (“For the Love and Comfort of Church Sales“), ¬†thrift stores, and alongside the road (“Curbside Junking Adventures and Tips”). It seems a shame to throw away a perfectly beautiful, warm blanket just because it has a couple … More Wool Blanket Bunting