“The Nesting Place”

As the story usually goes, I was purchasing Christmas presents on Amazon and heard they had a special on books. Of course I decided that Santa needed to gift me a little inspiration for the new year, so…I opened my cardboard box and started reading (before any other presents were even wrapped).

“Finally” Projects

Am I the only one that has a constant list of “one-of-these-days” projects going on in my head? Is it a plague of being a DIYer? Honestly, if I could just pay someone  a crew of people to come to my house and complete all the intended projects I’ve been putting off for years…Santa?

Wagner Sprayer

One of the best investments we made for the store was buying both Cheryl and I Wagner ControlSpray Max sprayers. And now that my sprayer and I are no longer  working for the store, I can use it for my own projects, which I have been, with our record-breaking warm weather!

Do I Miss It?

A friend that I haven’t spoken to in awhile came up to me in church yesterday and asked if I missed owning the store. Good question. I guess like everything in life, there’s a little bit of yes, and a little bit of no.