I’m Lora, a wife, mom, stylist, writer, and creative soul. My artistic drive has led me on many adventures through the years…

For 5 ½ years I co-owned a store named Patina General, where I  fully immersed myself in designing, crafting, mentoring, and selling beautiful vignettes of vintage-inspired home furnishings. It was a blast! Before my store, I created and sold in many other antique and vintage stores, and held outdoor markets at my home. I started garage-saleing when I was a kid with my mom and grandma! I’ve painted, sewed, sanded, and decorated my way through life!


Now that I don’t own the store anymore, (read more in “Do I Miss It”) I can spend more time inspiring and encouraging other makers, creators and entrepreneurs through this blog! And share with you where and how to find the good stuff {Here} and show you how to best enjoy your junk finds, like maybe a Bedspring Famly Photo Wall {Here}, or what you can hang on an old ladder {Here}.


I’m excited to walk you through how to create beautiful and unique vignettes, whether it be in your home, for an event, or in a booth where you sell your wares. In my “Styling Tips”  you can learn how to add an accent color to your spaces {Here} or learn how to consider shape when you’re putting together a vignette {Here}


If you make or sell for additional income, I can give you plenty of  tips from my almost 20 yrs of experience in a variety of venues, like how to rock the “as is” sale if you’re a vintage seller {Here}, or how some freshly grown grass can add to the profits and the look of your groupings {Here}.


And along the way, you’ll learn so much! Like “How to Create a Centerpiece” with 5 different styles {Here}, how to make origami flowers {Here}, or how to cheaply and easily frame vintage prints. {Here}


I’ll share my family’s favorite recipes {like scones, Here} and you’ll see how I am constantly changing around my own home, porch and garden to reflect the beauty of all our Minnesota seasons, and how every Christmas is different at my house! {Here}

Because blogging is really about inspiration, hospitality and encouragement. I’m hoping you’ll enjoy coming here as much as the shoppers did at my store!  And to be a little more creative everyday…


My family: Mr. Fix-it and I, Big Boy, Happy Girl, Mr. Freckles and Daisy Doodle

(for insights on family and other deeper thoughts, check out “Pondering”, Here and Here)

Random Facts about me: I live in a 100 year-old fake farmhouse that will never be done, where all my prettiness is constantly being challenged with icky critters. I love music and singing and have managed to successfully pass the love on to all three of my kiddos. I really don’t like exercise, unfortunately…and it’s starting to show. I love people with truly sarcastic humor! My all-time favorite color is green…every shade.


Please follow me on my daily adventures via blog, Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest!