Float Your Flowers

About this time of mid-summer, my gardens start looking like a jungle. I love how the flowers are blooming like crazy, but the weeds are trying to compete. And when the humidity and temps are high, the last thing I desire is to go out and pull them! Hence, the jungle styled garden.

RIT Dyed Clothespins

An easy summer project to do by yourself or with the kids is to dye wood clothespins with RIT dye. ¬†Over the years, I’ve amassed quite a few in different colors.¬† They’re so easy, fun and useful! I use them for everything from chip bags in the pantry to easy, quick styling around the house.

Decorating With Flags!

If you haven’t done it already, it’s time to get your flag on! I pulled out my small array of red, white and blue and have been sprinkling a little festive-ness around. I think the easiest way to get in the spirit is to stick flags…in everything!