Chickens, Fresh Eggs, and Egg Salad

Rooster Crowing

The neighbors have been hanging out in our yard a lot lately this spring. Which makes our Fake Farmhouse feel even more like the farm I’ve always longed for…or at least sound like one! 

I should clarify; It’s the feathered version of our neighbor’s new brood of chickens and 2 roosters that have been coming over for a visit or two each day. Maybe you remember me first talking about the rooster crowing in the morn in the devotional I wrote for (in)courage {Here}.


Well, we couldn’t be more tickled to have this pretty poultry in our yard, to tell you the truth.

Because they really are like moveable yard art…

chicken with creamy brown feathers

Rooster with cupola background

And seems like we’re all pretty taken with the romantic notions of farm life since Chip and Joanna have come on the scene, right? I’ve honestly always wanted to live on a farm with outbuildings and chickens and a big garden.

fresh eggs in vintage scale

Or maybe it’s the beautifully colored organic eggs they pop out each day that appeals. I know I’m pretty happy when neighbor kids deliver them right to my door. They’re almost too pretty to eat now that the Americana, or “Easter Egger” ladies have started laying Martha Stewart colored green eggs. Ms Neighbor says you can tell they’re going to lay green eggs by their blueish colored feet…learn something new each day!

fresh farmhouse eggs

Americana Chicken

Americana chicken

Don’t you love the mohawk that one is sporting?

I think I’m partial to the creamy brown hens that follow Mr. Rooster around obediently. The classic colored brown rooster is definitely in charge of the whole brood, yet sometimes the black and white rooster gives him a run for his money…or his hens…

chicken with creamy brown feathers

Classic rooster pose.

Black and white rooster

It’s amazing how tame they are. Neighbor kiddos just pick them up and they were totally fine with me sitting right down in the middle of the flock. Of course, Mr. Cock kept one eye on me pretty closely all the time and made sure he was usually between me and the ladies.

I thought this cute couple was heading to an Easter Sunday church service, right in step together. Think they forgot their bonnets though.

Mr Rooster and Mrs Hen

Besides thoroughly enjoying our new, moveable yard art, the farm-like soundtrack of cock-a-doodling, and the great entertainment for the Doodle Dog, we’ve been eating a lot of eggs!

Thought I’d share my new favorite farm-style lunch:

Egg Salad Salad

4 eggs, hardboiled

1/4-1/3 cup mayo (depending on how large or small your eggs are.)

Dill weed, celery seed, salt and pepper to taste.

Lettuce and veggies

Sesame oil and Salad vinegar.

Sunflower seeds


Slice up peeled eggs, chop and mash with fork a little. Add mayo and seasonings to taste. Arrange bed of mixed lettuce on plate along with favorite veggies. I like cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet peppers, and sugar snap peas. Sprinkle sunflower seeds over top. Add sesame oil and salad vinegar to taste on the greens.

Egg salad salad

Seasonings and vinegars to add to egg salad

And as soon as the neighbor kids yell, “here, chick, chick, chick…!”, they’re off with Mr. Rooster leading the way…back to their own yard. But they’ll happily be back tomorrow…and more eggs along with them!

chickens running home

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Egg Salad salad



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