Chick Flicks: My Top Picks


It’s Valentine’s Day weekend, and what better time to enjoy a chick flick! Hopefully the kids won’t think these movies are vintage…


I’m so pleased Happy Girl is finally to the age where we can enjoy watching some of these romantic movies together! We can cry, get frustrated, laugh and “awww” at the same time. Granted, the beauty of watching at home gives me total control with the remote. Most of these are totally fine, but a few have “scenes” that I just can’t watch with my kiddos.


(A few pics from the good old days at the store)

Here’s my go-to list of favorites. Not in any specific order. There’s a wide variety of leading ladies and men, and these movies span a few decades. I’m sure I’m missing some goodies, but if you’re looking for a good flick for the weekend, this will get you started!

And an honorable mention because of the botanical beauty:

Quite a few of these can be enjoyed by the men-folk in my family also, because of the comedy, the setting, and even a couple that have sword-fighting and boxing! As always, preview if you’re concerned about “scenes” or “language”…or keep the remote close.

Get the popcorn popping…and always combine with chocolate, because sweet and salty is the only way to be…just like these movies!

(Definitely Pin this list for future reference!)

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