Caramel Rolls

This easy, yummy recipe is a decadent treat for my kids on days off when they’ve gotten to sleep in and are looking forward to a loungy day around the house. It’s a breeze to make the night before so it’s ready to simply pop in the oven in the morning.

“Custom” Framing

I love old pictures of cottages and pick them up whenever I can get them reasonably priced. And if the original glass is cracked or damaged, the price reflects the less-than-perfect condition. Which is great for me, because I like these pretty prints without the glass better anyway!

How to Build a Centerpiece: “French Country” Style

Yesterday I started a five day Centerpiece Challenge with myself {Here}. My goal is to teach you how to build a basic, everyday centerpiece for your dining or coffee table. Here’s the foundation of Centerpiece #2 which I’ll call “French Country”. The pretty mustardy gold color of this ceramic platter seems perfect for some early … More How to Build a Centerpiece: “French Country” Style