Franklin, Tennessee Antiquing


I was back with Happy Girl in Nashville this past weekend so she could audition for the Musical Theater Department at this beautiful University {Here}. It certainly was not as warm as this Minnesota girl would have liked, but seeing pansies in the pots instead of snow on spruce tips was a welcome change!

While she kept busy visiting classes and rehearsals, I decided to get my fill of the vintage and antique shops in Franklin, just south of Nashville. Boy, did I have fun! I took so many pics, I’ll have to spread all the wonderful shops over a few posts the next couple of weeks.


I really only scratched the surface of what this little, historical town has to offer. Hopefully, we’ll be going back again (and again) to spend more time exploring.

Second street in the historical downtown looked like it featured most of the shops I was looking for. I started at one end and made my way down to the other by after lunchtime. It’s been ages since I meandered through a “real” antique store. I’m really more of a junk/farmhouse/industrial girl myself, but perusing the gorgeous, southern antique-filled booths was as fulfilling as going to an art institute.


Winchester Antique Mall was filled with southern glamour and hospitality. As I entered, several dealers were re-stocking their booths with beautiful imported antiques. They greeted me with a friendly, genuine hello and offered me a treat of some freshly baked cookies and bars, welcoming me from the front counter.



There were beautiful, classic pieces of antique wood furniture and a nice balance of detailed upholstered pieces to balance the room groupings. The selection of accessories contributed to the beauty. Southern glamour reigned here.




The prices were a shock to my system, but I guessed that this affluent area appreciated the original and imported antiques, which is kind of refreshing compared to the price conscious customers I’m used to;)

My grandma used to tell me to shop the local places when on a trip. Each region tends to have their own flavors and specialties, depending on what was manufactured there. I happily found quite a bit of Majolica. I love the gleam of the glazed pottery, it’s naturalistic themes and bright pastel paints.



There was also a wide variety of naturalistic paintings, which reminded me of my own R.A.Fox print collection {Here}. Nashville seems to attract residents who appreciate and create art, and the wide collection of antique paintings had me guess they also love decorating their homes with them.


It was refreshing to see some spring colors, even though it was only in the 40’s.



And I did love the couple of booths that broke the southern belle tradition and offered the lighter, brighter, more soft style of a romantic farmhouse:





The primitive cupboard with the soft aqua beadboard on the outside, and the mustard color on the inside, with little nests peeking out…I wish I could take you home!

There really was something for everyone at this expansive mall. There was plenty of classic, rustic antiques also from antique toys to banks of wonderful metal and wood cubbies, which are always popular.




It’s always fun for me to look, but wish I could have fit these two cuties in my suitcase…



Wouldn’t that antique, metal hangy thing look amazing in a garden? Or build a whole arbor around it? And the big, galvanized bucket with the awesome handles…it needs a tree and needs to be on my patio next summer!

Hope you had fun sharing Winchester Antique Mall with me! Pay them a visit if you’re in the area!

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