Got a Ladder? How about Letters?


I had saved these adorable doors off of Happy Girl’s childhood kitchen cupboard when I sent it sisters way. I knew I didn’t have the space to keep the cute little cupboard, but the doors don’t take up much room, and I was sentimental about them. I knew I’d figure out some way to use them around the house.

The ladder has been looking a little empty since I took the Christmas socks off it {Here}, and I’ve wanted to incorporate more words around the house. I decided these cute little doors would hang perfectly from the rungs of my ladder.

Now…what four letter word should I use? Don’t let your mind wander here…

I thought about “Cozy” for winter, but wouldn’t want to look at that all year long. Then I remembered some chalkboard paint that I picked up that is clear; it turns any surface into a chalkboard. That would be flexible!


I painted a couple coats of it on one side of the doors and gave it a couple days to dry, per the instructions. So sometimes, I can chalk any four letter word I want…! But seriously, I  wanted something uplifting for my family too look at everyday.

I decided on the word “HOME” for the other side.

I got to work with my ruler, pencil, and a grocery store bag and started measuring out some letters. Nothing fancy here-this is the old fashioned way of doing things!




I taped the letters to the other side of the doors, traced around them and started painting some linen white acrylic paint on each. I used my square outlines, but gave each corner of the letters a little type-face flair. I decided they needed some outlining for punch.




First I did a grey outline, but it seemed a little blah. The ladder is standing in kind of a shadowy corner, so I added some brown, which coordinates with my brown sofas. Now they were coming to life. I also added some glittery white paint over the linen white. The sheen is very subtle, but it gave the letters some life, and I liked how the linen white showed through the brighter white a little.

There were three holes that were left from the knobs. I decided to junk them up with some extras I had laying around:

Now for a little vintage string woven through the holes in the mini hinges, and voila’!



And when I want to chalk some other four letter words on the other side…like “Grow”…


Couldn’t find any white chalk; it probably would have shown up better.

Those were the “staged” pictures. This is how the corner usually looks most days. Does everyone else have a “dog chair?”


Yep, this is Daisy Doodle’s HOME. She even looked my way to say thankyou (and because I gave her a cheez-it).


Hope you’re getting to do some creative projects at home on these winter days!

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4 thoughts on “Got a Ladder? How about Letters?

  1. Just discovered your site and love it. I would love to subscribe to it so I don’t miss a post! Very creative and interesting posts.


    1. Thanks, Bonnie! I’m so glad you found me. For now, you can “follow me” in the sidebar-the little red words. Soon I will be putting together more of a newsletter/subscribe type of option. Hope you enjoy poking around!


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