Best of 2016, First Half


I’ve spent a lot of time in front of my laptop today pouring over 2016, editing pics, bringing posts over from the old blog, and finding my highlights of the year. It was good to dwell on creative projects accomplished, how many new things I learned this last year, and generally see how far I’ve come in the last 365 days. I think it helped make a tough year seem a little more positive, which is a good thing…a thankful thing.

Here are my first-half highlights (otherwise this post would be way too long):


For January Occasional at my former store (see About page), I enjoyed displaying this funky bookshelf Mr. Fix-it and I remade, that now resides in Big Boy’s room. The subtle colors, textures, and industrial junk were right in my sweet spot.


My post, Decorating with Books 101 and Beyond, was a foundational styling guide for every creator, seller or home decorator. Go out and buy some vintage books!



I was really into painting white pieces for the store, and they ended up to be some of my favorite furniture items. Of course we’re all being influenced by Joanna Gaines, and all these pieces sold quickly.

We got some projects done around the house too, which always feels good. Mr. Fix-it finished the base trim in our living room and we hung an antique glass-front hutch in our upstairs hallway. (Hopefully in 2017 I’ll figure out what to do underneath it)


I really enjoyed developing my styling techniques while taking pictures for the online store. I tried different backgrounds and textures and was happy with the result. Even though the store is history, I know I learned a lot about photography and technology.

At home, the kids and I had fun experimenting with green smoothies. Two cups of liquid, two cups of spinach, and a whole bunch of frozen and fresh fruit made for some wonderful, healthy breakfasts!


My favorite blog post was my Tart Mold Pedestals, a little vintage, junky creation I’ve sold a lot through the years, and use all through the seasons at my house.



I loved how this GROW sign turned out that I did for April Occasional at the store. It sold right away. If I can find the right base, maybe I’ll make one for myself someday (course, I don’t have any more of those cool hinges.)


My long-time-coming New Perfection stove also sold rather quickly that weekend. This was another favorite I could have enjoyed on my own porch!


At home, I had fun styling some oval plates like Easter eggs on My Masterpiece Buffet. (Here are the Tart Mold Pedestals again)



Cheryl and I were kind of nostalgic when we styled the store for the last time in May. Almost 6 years of creating beautiful vignettes month after month. Spring, Garden and the Cabin were always so fun to create…

img_6027edit  img_6026edit

img_6021edit  img_6034edit


The lazy days of summer brought on new meaning without store ownership, and I began the long exhale. Garage Sales at the cabin weren’t quite as fun without a store, but I managed to find a few things for myself.


Strawberry picking with my Sis’s adorable kiddos was definitely a highlight. We’ve got enough strawberry freezer jam to last another year for our PB & J sandwiches! I loved every minute of watching these two while their mama worked too!

And at the end of June, we began adding a garden right near our new patio…since we have a graduation open house in 2017!


Stay tuned for the second half of 2016 highlights. It’s good to look back and be thankful for all that’s happened and been experienced, isn’t it?

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