Porch Decorating Fun

We’ve had such an extended fall here in Minnesota, it’s been hard to get myself motivated to decorate for the season. But when the forecast called for a winter weather advisory a couple weeks ago, I jumped into action, clearing all my garden beds and finishing up my outside projects. {Also finishing up some outside … More Porch Decorating Fun

“Finally” Projects

Am I the only one that has a constant list of “one-of-these-days” projects going on in my head? Is it a plague of being a DIYer? Honestly, if I could just pay someone  a crew of people to come to my house and complete all the intended projects I’ve been putting off for years…Santa?

Wagner Sprayer

One of the best investments we made for the store was buying both Cheryl and I Wagner ControlSpray Max sprayers. And now that my sprayer and I are no longer  working for the store, I can use it for my own projects, which I have been, with our record-breaking warm weather!

Apple Muffins

The orchards are open and the apples are plentiful! I love enjoying this sweet, crunchy fruit in so many ways. I especially love baking with apples because of the moist texture they provide.