Family Photo Corner




This little corner of my dining room has been in process for about the last month at my house.  We got family photos taken for the church directory…and thank goodness, because I never take the time to do that kind of thing…or want to spend the money!  But this was the year to do it: Big Boy’s a senior, and my little kids are all getting bigger by the day!

My planning started before the pic. was taken…what to wear!  The photo company said solids, and most of the examples showed people in white shirts and denim.  Nice look, but I knew we’d all look pale as ghosts with our Minnesota winter tans.  The kids had gotten cute, plaid shirts for Christmas, so that was my springboard…Mr. Fix-it and I could be in solids to balance it all out.  I also wanted the colors to harmonize with my decorating, since they’d be hanging all year round.  Greens, blues, pink and red, all grounded with black, works well in my house.

The photographer did a great job, and I’ve enjoyed looking at the pic’s laying on my table for weeks.  I’m kind of weird when it comes to hanging items on my walls, because I know my tastes change often, and I don’t like “regular” framed print groupings…too boring and uncreative for me. I also don’t like photos behind glass.  I’m just not a glass girl. Yep-weird. We ordered one frame with the three kids in a frame, no glass, which turned out very nice.  But I knew I wouldn’t want them all like that. We ordered the others as prints so I could do something creative with them.



I’ve been trying to “junk” up my house, so I scrounged the drawers for materials.  This approach always works better when I’m in a time crunch!  Happy Girl was having a birthday party and I had about an hour to get it up on the wall! I used an old hymnal as a backdrop for our family photo to reflect our love of church music.  I used a clip from my desk to hang it, and made my own photo corners from cork and some fabric tape I had in the drawer.  A thin piece of cardboard stiffens the photos.  I wrapped some decorative paper around the cardboard for our couple photo, that actually mimicked the metal work in the larger frame ( I don’t even realize I do that). I found the cute silver clip in the drawer and the photo corners in with my scrapbooking trove.

I wanted some other items with the photos to tell the story about our family, and make the display more interesting.  It also helped that the whole arrangement is on different planes, rather than a flat wall.  I love the reader’s digests books, and I had seen them cut into letters at a couple stores.  I picked up the “B” at General Store and was so happy to find one in blues and greens!  The “so many of my smiles” sign came home with me that same day.  Adding a little humor, the “if you met my family” sign just makes me smile!  The number five is an old stencil I had, and backed it with some old primary-school paper, and then taped it to some cork.  I like the graphic punch of a letter and a number in the mix, along with some cute sayings.

I really like the different textures combined: paper, cork, metal, wood, and the punch of colors with the black and white.  I think it highlights the photos, but is artistic at the same time. Some elements are new, some old.  I like that mix.


I picked up the “bloom” pillow this weekend at the store.  Our newest contributor, Jodi created it, and it’s a nod to our last name.  I relocated the green basket from my pantry, and nabbed the funky lamp from my living room.

A boring corner just turned into a cozy, sentimental reading spot that’s fun to look at, too!

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