Vintage Wallpaper


I was recently at an estate sale admiring the vintage wallpaper throughout the house.  One of the reasons I love estate sales is the chance to go into someone’s home and see how the house is decorated.

You can tell a lot about a person once you’ve been inside their home, see the items for sale and see how they lived.  My favorite homes are the ones where I can tell the homeowner was creative and had a flair for color and design!  I can find sewing notions, floral and cake decorating supplies, vintage fabric and lots of fun seasonal items.  These type of women are what I’m all about, and they usually have a treasure trove of items!

This particular house had the most fun wallpaper, I had to pop out my phone and snap a few pic’s.  I was wishing I could peel it off the walls and bring it home with me!

The tree wallpaper in the hallway going up the stairs first had me drooling and then I was charmed by the kitchen paper…


(Sorry for the not-so-great photos!)

A main floor bedroom was fresh with bright-colored poppies.


I am always on the hunt for extra rolls of vintage wallpaper, but rarely have any luck.  Until the other day while in a friend’s basement!  She was finally attacking the job of going through family stuff that had been languishing in her basement for years.  I helped her identify what items were probably worth more and where she could take them, and I bought the items I knew we could sell in our store. It was basically my own private estate sale. She asked if I was interested in old wallpaper…


Oh, yes…I’ll take all of it!  Happy Girl and I had so much fun looking through all this treasure!  Don’t know what it will become yet, but just seeing all the different eras of decorating through this pile was fun enough for me!

Here’s the loot in patchwork style.  Which ones are your favorites?

Think these were all kitchen wallpapers?  There were plenty of roses too…probably for the bedroom?

I really like that last one with the grey background!  Yellow and white roses with daisies and a little pink and green? I’d love to decorate a room wrapped in that!

These three were definitely from the same era, maybe the 60’s family room?

And then there were the subtles…

Which brings me to me all-time favorites.  An adorable western boy’s room paper that would be so cute to decorate a room with, and a 20’s look pattern that I liked so much, it’s my current phone wallpaper!

I’m guessing most of these were purchased from the Sears Catalog.  It’s fun to read the words on the edges.  You don’t see Made in the U.S.A. much anymore!

I’m trying to think of some fun projects to do with these!  I’ll have to go on Pinterest to get the juices flowing!  I’ve got quite a few other items to process through from that day also:


Oh boy!  Scrubbing tart molds, airing rag balls, scrubbing suitcases in the driveway and replacing their tattered insides with decoupage, cleaning frames, re-wiring lamps, painting furniture…you wonder what we do between occasionals and why we’re only open a couple days a month? The store days are easy!

4 thoughts on “Vintage Wallpaper

  1. You DO have your work cut out for you!

    First, I love the tree wallpaper at the top, then the green with the roses in a grid.

    Second, I have to tell you what I “need” to have from your pile of goodies: The old camera and the table underneath, the sewing table on the left, practically the whole box of kitchen gadgets, the little pile of sewing stuff and most of the frames (and other stuff in the box)! It’s fun to dream! Your haul is impressive! Enjoy!


    1. Fonda,
      It is fun to see it all en masse, isn’t it? It just makes me happy to see a pile of vintage fabric rag balls, old cookie cutters, and cameras are such a great, classic item to decorate with! Glad you enjoyed dreaming of my haul:) I have been thinking I should maybe be starting an etsy shop this year with all more store “leftovers”…because then I’d still have a good reason to keep treasure hunting:)


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