Cozy Cup Lights

Some of the most simple ideas are the most charming, aren’t they?  Do you remember these little cups from office break rooms or around the campfire?

Our modern-day “Extra Large Grande Mocha” society would need a couple refills with these cups!  Well, instead of using them right-side up, we decided they were cuter upside down! It’s just what we like to do…

When we’re lucky, we’ve found them by the bag-full at church sales, estate sales, and garage sales.  Honestly, we tried to sell them in sets, and they just didn’t go, so we came up with another use for them…and now we’re depleted!


This is so easy, anyone can do it!  Just take a liner, a thick nail or a ball point pen, and poke a hole in the base of the cup. Put your desired color cup over and pop a Christmas light through. You can coordinate your colors to your party decor, or just go multi like we did!

Hang them from your camper, your tent, or around your campsite for some vintage, camping charm!  When we have these in the store, everyone comments and loves them! You’ll have to fight me for them at the church sales, though, because I’m looking for more!


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