Summer Decorating: Grass & Quilts

We’ve had this fun, fake grass in the store all spring/summer.  Cheryl and I have seen fake grass through the years and always loved it, but never knew where to get it.  As I was looking for carpet for my bedroom at a carpet warehouse, I spied a big roll of this wonderful, fake grass!  I knew it could be fun for display at the store and throughout the house for decorating in the summer!  Customers have been asking about it…”How would I use some of that?”  Well, now that I have a functional laptop again, I’ll show you how I used it for my home’s summer decorating and at my moms recently.

Summer decorating at my house is all about grass and picnics.  I brought out the gingham plasticware plates, every picnic basket I own, and treated each of my kitchen shelves to a piece of grass.  It looks so cute peeking out from behind the glass doors.

I wanted to enjoy my enamelware, some cute metal tins, and some gardening accessories.  I also wanted to incorporate some vintage books, because I love the illustrations and typography.

Don’t you love this saying, ” Kissin’ Wears Out, Cookin’ Don’t”?  Picked it up years ago.  I’ve always loved old needlepoint samplers.

A little nod to farming and vegetable gardening.  Got the cute aqua Ice bucket on clearance at Target recently.  Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

My mom recently passed on this quilt top that my Grandma had done, using a lot of fabrics from my childhood bedroom and my dollhouse.  Realizing I couldn’t see the pattern if it was just laying on the shelf, I wrapped it around a boot/shoe box I had in the basement.  Good decorating tip, huh?

She also gave me some quilt pieces that I scattered throughout the house.  They just feel like summer to me.  She asked if I ironed them… No way- I love them all rumply!

I was at mom’s house yesterday, helping her accessorize.  I brought a few grass scraps over for her.  Came up with a few more ways of using this wonderful stuff!

Tacked directly to the wall with a little nail. A frame or other accessory can hang over the top.  I created a Anthro-style grouping in a bare naked frame.  The grass also looked great in a collector-style table with summer accessories added.

Hope this gives you some more decorating ideas on what to do with the wonderful fake grass!  We’ve got plenty more at the store for August occasional & even have it sale priced!

More summer posts coming after occasional!  I’ve got to make up for lost time!

2 thoughts on “Summer Decorating: Grass & Quilts

  1. I always did that for the shop at my herb farm…so easy and all profit except for a bag of seed. I did lots of “Easter” baskets as well as odd pots. They do brighten up displays and just shout “SPRING!” Never did the birdseed in the egg shells…very cute! I kinda miss doing those spring displays and seeing customer reaction to the shop on Opening Day. Glad I found your blog.


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