Junk in the Pots!

Once May 15 hits here in Minnesota, we are supposedly safe to plant, and I’ve been doing just that!  Of course, at this early stage, my pots are not all full and beautiful, and definitely not picture-worthy.  I even pinch all the flowers off, so they’ll work on their roots for awhile.  So I thought I’d show some past years’ big full pots of flowers to inspire you to add some junk to your pots!  I love the beauty of flowers and foliage, but add a little galvanized, some rust, and some chippy paint, and I’m in a happy place!

Last year I wanted to use my birdcage collection, instead of just letting them look pretty and bare-naked on the deck table.  But I didn’t want birds occupying them…

Bright colored flowers peeking through the bars were so much more pretty!  And of course, they not only looked good in perfectly seasoned terra cotta, but much junkier in vintage galvanized buckets…right side up, and upside down!

Dead-heading proved to be a little difficult, but I learned to just open that little door and reach my scissors right in!

Vintage cemetery fencing is so much happier elevating lively flowers next to the garage…


I always add flags to all my pots Memorial Weekend and Fourth of July weekend. Sometimes I’m so happy with how festive they are, I just leave them in for that whole time!  This heavy gauge, extra tall fencing is hard to come by.  I’m hoping Mr. Fix-it will have time to make a couple more of these before next occasional.  They’re made perfectly for a plastic planting pot with a lip to set in.

And don’t let those old chippy chair legs or spindles go to the burn pile!  Grab a small clay pot, a couple of washers and your drill.  They look just lovely tucked into any pot of flowers!  Add a citronella candle for nighttime festivity and function, or let the water collect and see the butterflies and dragonflies enjoying a drink!

I can’t wait till all my junky pots look nice and full again!  I’m feeding them faithfully!  Oh, glorious garden season, I’m so glad the winter is finally over and the colorful beauty of creation is unfolding!

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